dimanche 22 mars 2015

Sketches of the week #18

Working on some colors and volumes. Btw, that new Intuos 5 tablet I'm using now feels like drawing on sandpaper, it's litterally eating the Wacom artpen's nib in a few hours, whereas on my old Intuos 4 I've been drawing for months without seeing any sign of wear.
I'm also not sure I like the "natural" sensations that the Intuos 5's drawing surface is trying to emulate so I wouldn't recommend it, especially if you have the 4, that one is a keeper.

dimanche 15 mars 2015

Sketches of the week #17

Some sketches whose purpose was only to allow me to drop some poorly chosen colors on them. The mangastudio brushes however are fantastic, the basic watercolor brushes, which I used here, are very fun and allow some nice mixing and smoothing directly when painting.

And a Daredevil sketch, actually a demonic alternate we could name DevilDare. Now that I think of it I should have gone with pointy ears too, oh well...