mardi 27 mai 2014

X-men - Children of the atom

X-men fanart, each of them was done separately and I slapped them together on this piss-poor idea of a background and did some adjustment rescaling in PS... et voilà!

dimanche 18 mai 2014

Streetfighter the World Warrior

Some sketches of Streetfighter characters drawn for fun. I used to play SSF4 on the Xbox live a LOT back in the day. My favorite character was Chun Li, since SF2. Her aerial moves, ground/air combos and mixups and the fact that not many players played the character made her my alltime favorite. I even upgraded my arcade fightstick with Sanwa components... ah those were the days.

vendredi 9 mai 2014

Iron Man / start and finish

Here are the final version and initial sketch of my Iron Man for today's sketch_dailies topic, all digital  :

lundi 5 mai 2014

Speed limit : 88 Mph

Just a bunch of vehicles I had to get off my mind. I used a few reference pics as a challenge to get a likeness, for the Carrera, the blue Mazeratti on top half. Most of the rest is freehand nonsense.