mercredi 12 février 2014

Endless headspin

So many discoveries lately. I just found out that PS is now animation friendly so I tried my hand at it and ended up with these 2 boogers. It's been way too long since I tried to do an animated GIF. The pacing is messed up and the volumes on the head are jaggy but I'm still happy with the result and spending hours figuring out how to do these with the animation features in PS didn't feel too bad. They'll bounce and spin forever now.

dimanche 2 février 2014

20% Wool / Wash separately

How could I have missed this pen pressure setting thing?
I just found out that you can actually set the tablet's pen sensitivity to get more elastic lines in the Wacom settings menu. So dumb. Well, I finally enjoy drawing/inking in PS.

Here's what happens when I pick up a women's fashion magazine for reference, it ends up nothing like it, and nudists pop up no matter what I was aiming for at first...